Teaching with iPads

Want your iPad classroom to run smoothly? Vision ME makes managing your iPad classroom easier than ever

iPads made simple for teachers

Teacher with iPad

Today’s teachers are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities – when it comes to teaching with iPads. As schools and districts continue to adopt these devices at exponential rates, it’s critical to have the right teacher apps for iPad to manage classroom workflow, maximize your instructional time, improve learning outcomes, and integrate new technology into the classroom without wasting time (and losing your sanity). Luckily there’s Vision ME, your new BFF.


Share screens with iPads

Share your screen with student iPads, giving every student a front-row seat to the lesson.

Share screen with students


Chat on iPads

Chat with the entire class or just one student, so you can provide the right support at the right time.

Chat on iPads

Teaching with iPads made easy

This is just a snapshot of why Vision ME is among the best apps for teachers on iPads. Here are some more things teachers can do with Vision ME in the iPad classroom:

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