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Using Vision ME to manage your iPad classroom?  We’re here to help.

Support resources for your iPad classroom

Vision ME comes with a complete set of support resources to help make your iPad classroom deployment successful including live technical support for customers and trial users of our apps for education.


Manuals and Guides

Get the data sheet, quick guides or detailed manuals for Vision ME

Knowledge Base

Find the answers to commonly asked questions in our Knowledge Base

Customer Service

Get help adding users, extending your subscription or purchasing Vision ME

Product Feedback

Let us know what you like about Vision ME and what could be improved.

Tools for IT Admins

Get IT tools that help you set up users in large Vision ME installations.

Technical Support

Netop's technical support team is available to answer your questions every school day

Tools for IT Administrators

To help school IT Administrators deploying Vision ME to large numbers of teachers and students, Netop has created a user replicator tool that enables you to export users from Active Directory and import them into the Learning Center.


Replicator tools

Contact Technical Support

Netop's experienced technical support team is standing ready to assist your school with deploying and using Vision ME in your iPad classroom.  Contact us via live chat or telephone during support hours, or use the technical support form below to request assistance at any time.


Open every school & business day from
2:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT

Call:  503.797.6331
Call toll free:  866.725.7833


Open every school / business day from
8:00 to 24:00 CET

Call:  +45 4590 25 10

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Version History

Released January 20, 2016, Vision ME version 1.6 for students and teachers is now available in the app store. New in this release:

    • A set of annotation tools that allows teachers and students to highlight and focus attention on their presentations.  Users can draw lines and free shapes or use a pointer to annotate live presentations to captivate the audience.
    • A new help button guides teachers from the app directly to a dedicated Vision ME web page with helpful resources, manuals and guides for getting started, Knowledge Base, Forum and Technical Support.

    For complete release notes, click here.