iPad Screen Sharing for Teachers

Present lessons in class iPad to iPad, allow students to lead demonstrations from their iPad and showcase student work to the entire class.

Present lessons on student iPads

Engage your class by projecting lesson materials directly onto student iPad screens. Show presentations, present web pages, share assignments and demonstrate concepts. Use annotation tools to highlight your presentation and captivate the audience. Every student gets a front row seat with Vision ME.

Present Lessons

How presenting works

Select individual students or the whole class.
Choose the content source to present from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Camera Roll or the Web.
Students tap Watch to see your presentation.

What can I show on my iPad? 

Vision ME allows teachers and students to view, present, and share files of all types and versions, including Microsoft Office, Apple iWorks, and other common document, graphic, and video formats. Learn more about supported file types on our knowledge base.

File Types

Show me what you can do in the classroom

Students love sharing their work with their classmates. With Vision ME, it's easy for students to present their work or showcase a web page to the entire class, iPad to iPad.

Vision Me Solar System

How showcase works



Select a student you want to have showcase a file or web page.
The student chooses the content source to present from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Camera Roll or the Web.
The student presents their work or leads the class in an exercise.
Other students tap Watch to see the presentation.
Classroom iPad screens show student gestures.
Switch students or end the showcase at any time.

Using Vision ME with Apple TV.

Have an Apple TV in your classroom? Vision ME and Apple TV go together perfectly.

Vision Me on the Apple TV

Use your Apple TV with Vision ME's Presentation and Showcase features, and you can show the same content in the front of the room and on every student iPad screen, so that all your students have a perfect view. And - Vision ME displays only the content of presentations on Apple TV - not your entire screen - so students get the best view of lesson materials.

More than iPad screen sharing

Do you like the iPad presentation and showcase features in Vision ME? There's more. The Vision ME app includes all the tools you need to get the most out of your iPad classroom. Use it to:

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