The iPad App for the Paperless Classroom

Vision ME helps you optimize iPad classroom workflow with features that
make it easy to distribute and collect files from students.

Making classroom workflow efficient


Paperless Classroom

 Have you traded the inbox stacked with paper on your desk for an email inbox that's overflowing with student assignments? Going paperless is great - but not if it means an inefficient document management system that chews up valuable class time and makes more work for the teacher.

Popular file sharing systems like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox take you part of the way - but for optimal workflow in a paperless classroom you want a solution that lets you distribute files directly to student iPads and collect work from the whole class with ease. That's why Vision ME includes file sharing features built on top of preferred platforms like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and iCloud to make your classroom flow smoothly.


How it works:
Sending files to students

Select individual students, or send to the whole class at once.
Choose a file from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud or your Camera Roll.
Send files directly to student iPads. Progress indicators confirm receipt.

Collecting files from students

Let your class know when it's time to turn in their work by sending an assignment request.
Students send you their files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud or their Camera Roll.
Indicators show you which students have turned in their work, and let you preview files.

Why Vision ME is more efficient

Twelve reasons that workflow in the paperless classroom is more efficient with Vision ME than with Google Drive or Dropbox alone:

It's simple and easy to send files to individual students, a group or your whole class.
There's no confusion about where students have to go to find a file or an assignment.
You don't have to spend time sending out emails, creating QR codes or writing file locations on the board.
Indicators show you when all your students have received the file you've sent.
Students can view, or easily store a copy of the file in their own preferred storage area.
Everyone in your classroom can get started working at the same time.
You can collect files and assignments from students with a simple request.
There's no question about where students should send their work.
You can instantly see who has submitted their homework and who hasn't.
You can preview student files to check that the right work was submitted.
It's easy to save all the submissions at once in your preferred storage location.
It's way faster and more efficient than collecting and storing files sent to you via email.

The essential iPad app for the paperless classroom

Like the document sharing features in Vision ME? There's more.
The Vision ME iPad app includes many more workflow tools for the paperless classroom.  Use it to: