Chat for iPad Classrooms

Vision ME makes mobile classrooms work with real-time messaging that lets teachers chat with students, iPad to iPad.

Messaging for your mobile classroom

Your students are everywhere. Filming videos in the hallway, working on projects in the library, exploring nature in the great outdoors. For many teachers, iPad classrooms are mobile classrooms. That's why Vision ME includes real-time messaging capabilities that let you communicate with your students whether they are in your classroom or down the hall.

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Speak their language

Today's students are part of a texting generation. Email is as out of date as snail mail, and they would rather text than talk. The chat features in Vision ME make it easy for you to communicate with your students, one-to-one or in a group, in the method they prefer. Try it and watch classroom communication bloom.

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Assistance without embarrassment

Sometimes the students who most need help are the ones who are the most reluctant to raise their hands in class. With Vision ME, it's easy for a shy student to message a question to you privately, or for you to provide extra assistance to a student who is struggling, without the whole class knowing.

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How iPad classroom messaging works

Teachers can:

  • Send a message to a single student, a group of students or the entire class

  • NEW: Disable or enable student's ability to chat with the class
  • Type a custom message, or select from several  quick messages

  • See messages from students organized by conversations on their iPad.

Students can:


  • Send a chat message to their classroom teacher directly from their iPad
  • Ask for “Help” with the touch of a button, or write a custom message
  • See messages from their teachers organized by conversations on their iPad.

Mobile classrooms work better with Vision ME

Like the classroom messaging features in Vision ME? There's more! The Vision ME iPad app includes many more helpful tools for mobile classrooms. Use it to: