iPad Classroom Management

When you have iPads in the classroom, sometimes you just need a bit of control.
That’s why Vision ME includes some basic mobile device management features for teachers.

Blank Student Screens

Get your students' attention with the press of a button

Blank Student Screens

 Need to get the attention of your whole class for just a minute? Push a button, and all your students’ iPad screens go blank. Their heads come up, and you can provide verbal instruction without distractions.  When you’re done – push another button and your students are back on task.

Notice a student or two who are using their iPads inappropriately? Instantly blank their iPad screens. Unlike other apps, the Vision ME attention feature lets you blank student screens regardless of the app they are using. And, in supervised mode, the student will be locked out until the teacher releases the attention screen.

That’s iPad classroom management made easy!

Block Student Web Access

Eliminate iPad web browsing during class time or exams

Block Internet

Want your students to focus on class work rather than browsing the web?  With the push of a button you can instantly lock out access to Safari, Chrome and other web browsers from student iPads. Apply Internet blocking to the whole class, or use it selectively to address issues of inappropriate use.

Conducting an online exam, or using other Internet-dependent apps? No worries. Blocking access to student iPad browsers does not block out Internet access from other apps that your school has installed on student iPads.

That’s iPad classroom management that’s effective.

How do we do it?
The key is mobile device management

By combining teaching tools with mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, Vision ME provides a unique solution to the challenges teachers face when integrating iPads into daily instruction. Most iPad apps for teachers can't provide effective classroom control features, because Apple limits apps to controlling how the iPad functions within that one app. As soon as students move to the home screen, or choose another app, the teacher loses control. Those restrictions don't apply to mobile device management software - but most MDM software is designed for IT administrators, not teachers. That makes it hard to use effectively in the classroom. Unlike other iPad apps, Vision ME uses MDM capabilities to provide teachers with basic classroom controls that are easy to use and effective.

That's innovative iPad classroom management!

What to know about iPad MDM features during your free trial. 


While most Vision ME features work exactly the same when purchased as during your free 30-day trial, there are limitations on how the mobile device management features work during trials. To experience the full functionality of the blank screen and web lock features, student iPads need to be in supervised mode and have an MDM certificate. Your school IT administrator can submit an MDM certificate (provided by Netop) to Apple for signing, and then provide the approved certificate back to Netop for upload, which is a process normally done after purchase. As a result, you will not be able to use the web locking feature during the trial, and will experience reduced functionality on the blank screen feature.


Reduced Functionality

(No MDM certificate)

Web locking will not function

Students will see the attention screen only within the Vision ME app, and can remove it by pushing the home button.


Full Functionality

(MDM certificate, student device is enrolled and supervised)

Web locking fully functional

Students will see the Attention screen regardless of the app they are using and cannot exit that screen until the teacher releases them.

More than just iPad classroom control

Like the mobile device management features in Vision ME? There's more.
The Vision ME iPad app includes all the tools that teachers need to make the most out of an iPad classroom, including: