iPad Management for Schools

Create a better iPad classroom with the classroom management app Vision ME

Vision ME supports your IT Staff

With so many classroom management apps available today, technology coordinators and IT staff in K-12 schools have their hands full when it comes to choosing the right one. As more schools and districts adopt a paperless classroom model, and continue to introduce iPads and tablets into classrooms at exponential rates, it’s more important than ever for IT staff to have the tools they need to successfully manage iPad implementation. They also need to empower teachers with iPad management software that allows them to maximize these new devices in class, simply and effectively.

Luckily there’s Vision ME, your new BFF.

iPads for IT Staff

Simple to use

With an intuitive interface, Vision ME is simple to use so you spend less time training (and re-training) staff.

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MDM Support

Vision ME gives teachers more control and autonomy in the iPad classroom, with MDM-supported features like ‘blank screen’ and ‘block internet,’ so IT staff spends less time providing supervision and assistance during class time. 

iPads for IT Staff

iPad Management Saves Time

Save time and support your teachers with iPad management apps. Tech coordinators love Vision ME because it saves them time, allows them to better prioritize their many tasks, and provides a simple, engaging classroom management app that requires minimal professional development and training. Here are some examples of the things your teachers will be able to do in the iPad classroom with Vision ME:


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