Online Learning and Assessment Tools

Ideal for blended learning and flipped classrooms - your iPad classroom will come alive
with the online learning and assessment tools included with Vision ME.


Online Lessons

Put your lessons online. Share videos and other course material with students in customized class pages. Perfect for flipped classrooms!


Quizzes & Tests

Create engaging, interactive quizzes like a student response system - or use as a fully self-paced online learning and assessment tool.

Automatic Scoring

No more grading quizzes! Automatic scoring and reporting help you instantly assess student progress and improve learning outcomes.


Meet the Learning Center

Vision ME is the only iPad classroom workflow app that comes with a complete online learning and assessment system

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Online Learning Tools

With Learning Center, you can create class pages, post lesson materials, and link to content online for students to access anywhere. Organize classes with ease. Upload a variety of files to share -images, videos, PDFs, MP3s, and more. Learning Center even supports SCORM packages, ensuring that your e-learning content can be shared across multiple learning systems

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Assessment Tools for iPad Classrooms

Use classroom iPads like a student response system! Stimulate class discussions and test your student's knowledge with a variety of interactive polls, surveys and quizzes. Or, flip your classroom and let students view video lessons and complete assessments at home. Choose between self-paced, teacher-paced or video-driven options, and a variety of flexible question types that support any curriculum.

Automatically score assessments

The Learning Center provides automatic scoring so you can see what students have mastered, and areas where they need additional help. Scores can be easily exported as .csv files for entry into grade books.


Provide instant feedback to students

Students can receive instant feedback on each question in real time as they take the test, and review their overall score once they have taken a test or quiz. Students can also monitor their own progress over time with access to all of their online results.


Generate detailed reporting

View reports by student to personalize instruction, or by question to understand what part of the lesson your class needs extra help with. Automatically generated reports show you the data instantly so you can adjust instruction as needed.

More tools for iPad classrooms

Like the online learning and assessment features in Vision ME? There's more!
The Vision ME iPad app includes a complete set of tools to stimulate learning in iPad classrooms, including:


  • Messaging apps that facilitate real-time communication between teachers and students.



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