Choosing classroom management apps

Ensure the success of your technology initiatives with Vision ME, the iPad classroom workflow app

Protecting your iPad investment

If your school or district is adopting iPads, you know all too well the challenges that come with the implementation process. What iPad management software will your IT staff and teachers need in order to manage the devices and integrate them into instruction? What teacher apps for iPad are needed in order to maximize the effectiveness of the devices in (and out of) class? How do you integrate iPads in a way that improves learning outcomes, engages students, and maximizes your school or district's technology investment?

Here are some of the ways that Vision ME can help support your staff in the iPad classroom.

iPads for administrators

Improve learning outcomes

Vision ME provides web-based assessment, so teachers can monitor student performance, address learning gaps, and improve learning outcomes.

Web-based assessments

Secure environment

Creates a secure environment in the iPad classroom where productive teaching and collaboration can occur.

iPad management makes a difference


How can iPad management software make a difference in your school or district? Vision ME is an administrator's best friend. Here are the top three reasons why:

  • It enables your IT staff with iPad management software that requires less training, PD, and supervision.
  • It empowers your teachers with a simple, engaging classroom management app that integrates iPads into daily instruction.

  • It supports your school- or district-wide technology initiatives by maximizing your investment into iPads while improving learning outcomes and increasing test scores. 


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