Meet Vision ME. The NEW iPad classroom management app.

We made it for you

What is Vision ME? It's Vision for Mobile Education, and we created it to aid teachers like you with your iPad classroom management. Your 30-day free trial is waiting. We've made it easy to get started by setting up a sample class and a few activities so you can see how it works.  We can't wait to hear what you think!

Try it now

Want it in another language?

Vision ME is now available in Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Japanese as well as English. Switching between languages is as easy as changing your iOS language setting. Vision ME even supports classes where each student is using a different language, making it great for bilingual education, foreign language lessons, and English language learners.

Get the App

Vision ME is available for teachers and students on the App Store.
First sign up for your trial account here and set up your classroom, then download the apps.