Connecting the Internet of Things

Netop SecureM2M can be deployed directly on devices as software or as a hardware device on your network - allowing Netop to easily and securely connect you to any networked device.

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Combining high security with an easy-to-use interface, Netop’s M2M solution enables remote control, servicing, and asset monitoring without exposing your systems to the public Internet. Download our support documentation to learn more:

Netop SecureM2M Network Specifications

  • Connector

    The Connector is where users - IT and operations teams as well as third-party users - and API calls interact with Secure M2M.  It can be installed on the following:


    - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

    - 32-bit and 64-bit



  • Software Gateway

    The Software Gateway can be deployed directly on networked servers or devices running the following platforms. In instances where other platforms are in use, the Hardware Gateway (below) can be deployed.


    - RedHat Enterprise 5.5, 5.6, 6.0
    - Ubuntu 10.4 & 12.04
    - SUSE Enterprise 11.1
    - OpenSUSE 11.4/12.1

SecureM2M Gateway Hardware

For some environments, installing Netop SecureM2M Gateway software directly to servers or devices is not an option.  That's why we created the Netop SecureM2M Hardware Gateway - a ready-to-deploy device that connects to your network through an ethernet port.  Ideal for retrofitting legacy devices, our Hardware Gateway brings port-forwarding, IP masking and secure connectivity to any device, anywhere.

  • Ethernet Port or Mini USB for USB-to-Ethernet connectivity
  • 5 Vdc input wall-wart power supply
  • Dimensions: L 4.5” (11.43 cm); W x 4.5” (11.43 cm); H x 1.85” (4.7 cm)

How SecureM2M Works

Netop SecureM2M: How Secure Remote Access Works

  • An administrator configures rights to limit user access to specific ports on specific devices.
  • The Netop Gateway communicates with Netop Secure Cloud by way of an outbound heartbeat - devices do not need to be exposed to the public Internet and no ports need to be held open.
  • A user or API call initiates contact through the Netop Connector to the Netop Secure Cloud.
  • A secure, encrypted tunnel is created between the Netop Connector and Netop Gateway to allow data to be pulled, files to be transferred, remote control and other applications to be run on target devices.