Secure Remote Access to Devices

Fully secure and easy to deploy, Netop SecureM2M creates secure tunnels into networked devices without exposing your network to external threats.

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Why Netop Secure M2M Software?

Your Secure Tunnel into the Internet of Things

  • Quick, easy-to-use remote access for vendors, system integrators, and other out-of-band service providers  
  • Industry-leading security with session-based logging to maintain compliance with internal and external standards
  • Hardware and software options to accommodate the widest range of devices
  • Ad-hoc connectivity for remote access only when you need it
  • Easy to use, with no technical training or certifications needed to configure or operate
  • Sophisticated flexibility lets you run applications of your choice through our secure tunnel  




Secure, Outbound Communication

Netop SecureM2M securely connects network-ready devices – no matter what operating systems they are running. Our flexible system includes either virtual or physical device interfaces to ensure that both new and legacy devices can be readily accessed.

Netop SecureM2M removes a fundamental vulnerability of industrial control systems, medical equipment and other networked devices by eliminating the need for open ports and public IP addresses – strengthening the corporate firewall.  In addition, port-specific user rights and access definitions prevent both unintended and targeted intrusions through networked devices. Netop SecureM2M logs all remote sessions, making it ideal for use by third-party service providers, system integrators, device manufacturers and consultants.

Netop SecureM2M is designed specifically for use with man-to-machine or machine-to-machine connections between networked devices. You no longer need to configure and maintain VPNs to access devices or to provide external access. With SecureM2M, no advanced IT knowledge is required to create secure connections.

Where SecureM2M is Used...

Exceptionally Simple, Completely Secure

You don't need to be an IT pro to achieve secure remote access connections.  We've designed Netop SecureM2M to be easy to configure and maintain. Unlike VPNs, you don't need a high level of technical experience to create connections with SecureM2M - and you won't expose your organization to the risks associated with improperly configured or poorly maintained VPN connections.

Our intuitive admin interface makes discovering and connecting to devices on your network a snap. Once connected, you can easily assign user rights at an application-specific level.  Because SecureM2M logs every action, you'll always know who is accessing your devices.

With SecureM2M, data from industrial controls, building automation systems and other remote devices and networks can be readily accessed by operations and other non-technical teams without assistance from IT teams. Netop SecureM2M also features a RESTful API so you can integrate data from remote devices into other core business systems and dashboards without exposing your network to the public-facing Internet.

Easy to configure and absolutely secure - that's Netop SecureM2M.

Secure, Remote Access to Any Device, Any Network, Anywhere.

Connect to Anything.  Retrofit legacy devices or extend interfaces of new equipment with Netop SecureM2M.  SecureM2M can be installed as software or deployed as hardware depending on the needs of your environment.  With Netop SecureM2M you gain port-level access to applications regardless of the device on which they are running. 

Reduce Attack Surfaces.  Netop SecureM2M eliminates the need for public-facing IP addresses and open ports - removing a vulnerability of industrial control systems, SCADA systems and other networked, embedded computers. With our outbound-only machine-to-machine communication, firewall exceptions are eliminated and your corporate perimeter is hardened.   

Eliminate Need for VPNs.  VPNs can be a nightmare for service providers, system integrators and contractors - and incorrectly configured VPN access points can be a threat to your security. With Netop SecureM2M you avoid the hassle of maintaining your corporate VPN and network directory whiled reducing vulnerability. 

Manage Access Easily.  Netop SecureM2M logs every remote access session - a requirement for compliance with many government and industry-specific standards. Netop SecureM2M records every date, time, user and endpoint - making it ideal for use by third-party service providers, system integrators and device manufacturers.

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For more than 30 years, companies have trusted Netop with their most crucial connections.  Let us show you how we can easily connect industrial controls, building automation systems, SCADA systems, POS and medical devices with your personnel, third-party service providers and data systems.  With Netop SecureM2M, you increase efficiency while decreasing support and travel costs and maintaining compliance with government and industry standards.

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