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24% of the world's largest retailers choose Netop for secure remote access.  Netop Remote Control gives retailers and retail VARs a secure, consolidated solution for providing access to POS systems and all of the in-store technology they support - including digital signage, kiosks and mobile devices. Our industry-leading platform support - including Windows, Toshiba 4690, Linux and Android operating systems - differentiates Netop from the competition.  Netop also offers advanced security features for managing vendor access to specific devices and network segments without increasing vulnerability.

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Go beyond PCI compliance

Being compliant is not the same as being secure.  Your retail network security strategy should account for remote access by employees  and trusted third parties - your remote support software solution should be able to manage multiple security configurations.  Netop Remote Control is built to enable remote access without compromising security or jeopardizing compliance. Multi-factor authentication, complete encryption, and the ability to manage user rights to specific applications and devices make Netop the preferred remote access software solution for retailers and MSPs.

Netop Remote Control provides the tools you need to achieve PCI-compliant remote access for the long haul, no matter how technology develops or your needs evolve.

Remote Support for Windows, Toshiba 4690, Linux and Android

In addition to supporting Windows, Linux, Mac and Android devices, Netop Remote Control is the only solution that offers secure remote access for Toshiba 4690 point of sale systems. Developed in partnership with Toshiba Global Commerce Solution, Netop includes graphical display transfer, including submenus and special keystroke commands and the ability to escalate and collaborate with multiple connections -making the world's most trusted remote control solution an ideal fit for one of the premier POS platforms in the retail industry.

Read more about how Netop Remote Control supports Windows, Linux and specialized POS platforms here:

Netop Toshiba 4690 Datasheet (PDF)

Netop POS Platform Datasheet (PDF)

" With our previous remote control software, we likely would have failed the audit. But now with Netop Remote Control, we are compliant and can trust that all of the data that we transmit remotely is safe and secure. "

- Felix Lau, Senior Programmer Analyst, Liquor Control Board of Ontario