Unlike Microsoft's Remote Desktop, Netop's Rich Feature Set Puts You First

With Netop's remote desktop software, you don't have to worry about the different devices your customers are using, nor the operating systems installed on those devices.

Unlike Microsoft remote desktop, Netop's rich feature set allows you to run a robust support and IT helpdesk system with fully-configurable, cross-platform, multi-device support – all while offering more security, granular controls, and greater customization options.

Remote IT Helpdesk

The beauty of a good remote desktop solution is that it allows you to access any part of your business in an instant, no matter where you are. You can monitor and maintain your equipment as if you’re standing next to the device itself.

One feature that Netop offers over Microsoft remote desktop is the ability to seamlessly diagnose and fix problems behind the scenes, allowing the user to continue to run their device as usual. You can start closing help tickets even more quickly with remote machine management, giving you powerful capabilities:

  • * Access a command prompt
  • * Access the registry
  • * Dig deep into the OS for system logs
  • * Cycle power on/off
  • * Initiate screen sharing, file sharing, and desktop sharing
  • * Access several users at once (or several support staff access a single user)
  • * Enable rights elevation (provide admin permissions to solve system-level problems)

Robust Integration

Netop Remote Control integrates directly with popular software from vendors like BMC and ServiceNow. We've integrated Intel's vPro technology to provide out-of-band support capabilities and are certified as Citrix Ready. Both command line interfaces and REST based API's are available to further integrate the software into your environment. Our industry-leading remote desktop solution consolidates all of your support tools into a single, easy-to-use platform.

By bringing KVM control, real-time screen sharing, desktop to mobile access, and integrated file transfer to your fingertips, you’ll be able to provide support quickly and easily.

Cross-platform and Cross-device

Though our remote access solution wasn’t built as a mobile device platform at the outset, we have an advantage over Microsoft remote desktop by allowing you to control, access, and fix mobile devices from directly within our app. It lets you securely access your workforce’s tablets, mobile equipment, Windows and Android phones from anywhere – as if you were holding it in the palm of your hands.

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