Features & FAQs

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  • How does the free trial work?

    Simply sign up by clicking on the trial  button.  No credit card is required.  You will have access to the Netop Remote Control Portal and the ability to create up to four additional user accounts.  You will also be able to download the Netop Remote Control Host – to install on target computers and devices – and the Netop Remote Control Guest – the desktop app for users who want full-featured remote control.  We will check in with you to make sure you have the components you need to have a great trial.

    What do I need to get started on a trial?

    You will need to create a Portal account and download a Netop Remote Control Host on the computers and devices to which you wish to have remote access.  You will also want to download and install the Netop Remote Control Guest – the desktop version – for full-featured remote control.  You will be able to create up to four additional user accounts in the Portal.

    If you have created a trial Netop Portal account and want to fully activate your account, click here.



  • What are the performance advantages of Netop Remote Control?

    • Remote support of laptops, workstations, servers, POS devices, embedded systems, and mobile devices
    • Broad platform support, including Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Fast screen transfer and full keyboard and mouse control
    • A single support interface for both attended and unattended systems
    • Help request notification








  • What are the main user functions of Netop Remote Control?

    • Remotely monitor machines and devices
    • Communicate with end users through chat
    • Send and retrieve clipboard content
    • Transfer files with two-way drag-and-drop, delta transfer and crash recovery
    • Conduct collaborative remote control sessions with colleagues
    • Use marker mode to create screen annotations
    • Execute common Windows functions
    • Lock the end user's keyboard and mouse
    • Restrict applications and close displays for privacy
    • Customize and share hotkeys
    • Share screens with customers
    • Notify end users of restart, log-off, lock and shutdown







  • What are Netop's advanced features?

    • Redirect application ports through a secure tunnel to maintain compliance when managing GUI-less systems
    • Manage system BIOS on computers with no active OS using Intel vPro support
    • Manage system services, registry, processes and event logs
    • Diagnose problems through a remote command prompt window
    • Gather detailed information about hardware and software assets
    • Store remote connections in a customized hierarchy
    • Define a list of common applications, documents and web resources to be launched remotely
    • Send messages to one or more users
    • Create and save snapshots of the remote machine
    • Automate programs and tasks
    • Restrict a remote-control session to one or more applications installed on the remote device with an application white-list 
  • What platforms and devices does Netop Remote Control support?

    Netop Remote Control offers broad platform support so you can have a single solution to manage access to the widest array of end-user machines and embedded technology possible. Supported platforms include:


    For more information on our cross-platform support and the benefits of consolidating your remote access tools, click here.



  • What is the Netop Remote Control Portal?

    The Netop Remote Control Portal is a central hub for managing network access and providing remote access to networked devices. The Portal includes Netop's browser-based support console for lightweight, go-anywhere remote access and fast collaboration. Essentially, the Portal provides a new, web-based option for using Netop Remote Control. Access to the Portal is included during trials of Netop Remote Control and with the purchase of a Netop Remote Control license.

  • ISAE 3402 Reports

    Netop has been fully audited in compliance with ISAE 3402 Standards.

    ISAE Report Type 2 - 28 February 2017

    ISAE Report Type 1 - 15 June 2016

  • What is the Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Program?

    The Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Program is a service provided by Netop to keep you current with new releases and provide technical support for Netop software and services. The Netop Advantage program provides extended protection for your Netop software investment and includes free software updates, license management, and extended technical support for covered software and services.

    Most new license, upgrade license and subscription services offered by Netop include 12 months of Advantage coverage at no additional charge. At the end of 12 months renewal of Advantage coverage is optional. Additional information on the Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Program is available here.

  • What products and services are covered by the Netop Advantage Program?

    Most Netop software products and services purchased from Netop or through an authorized Netop reseller are covered under the Netop Advantage program. In some cases, Netop software that has been preinstalled by an equipment manufacturer or bundled with other software or hardware items may not have Advantage coverage at the time of initial purchase. If you would like to know if a particular Netop software license or service is covered under the Netop Advantage program you can contact us here.

  • Does Netop offer on-demand support tools?

    Absolutely. Netop OnDemand gives you short-term remote access to end users who don't have a Netop Remote Control host client installed on their machine.

    End users download a small, self-executing program, which establishes a secure connection without needing to reconfigure firewalls. This initiates an individual, temporary web-based remote access session. Within seconds, a technician can access the device and see a real-time display of the user’s desktop. When the session ends, it ends. Netop OnDemand doesn’t leave a footprint; it deletes from the end user’s computer.

    You can start a free trial of Netop OnDemand here.

  • What type of security does Netop Remote Control offer?

    Our customers have extremely high security requirements.  Netop Remote Control exceeds industry standards with: 256-bit AES encryption, centralized multi-factor authentication, integration with Directory Services, and complete logging with customizable audit trails and full session recordings.  Netop also gives you granular control over all user permissions, closed user group license keys and lets you create access parameters for specific end users or devices. 

    Learn more about Netop Remote Control's security features here.

  • How does Netop support compliance (PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA)?

    As a software vendor to financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, manufacturers and government entities, Netop is committed to providing solutions that enable compliance with a variety of regulations.

    GDPR – Review Netop’s GDPR Compliance Checklist to learn how Netop Remote Control can help your organization comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. 

    HIPAA – Netop is not a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. However, as a software and services vendor to Covered Entities, Netop Remote Control provides features and capabilities that support compliance with HIPAA regulations. Review Netop’s HIPAA Checklist to learn how Netop Remote Control supports compliance with HIPAA.

    PCI – Netop Remote Control can be used as one part of a larger process to achieve compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements but does not guarantee PCI compliance in and of itself. Netop is not a payment processor and Netop Remote Control is not a payment solution, but Netop Remote Control can be used to support compliance efforts. The PCI Security Standards Council does not provide a mechanism to certify software tools like Netop Remote Control. Considering Netop Remote Control corresponds with and simplifies the greater compliance efforts of an organization, businesses should not ask “is Netop Remote Control PCI Compliant?” but rather “how does Netop Remote Control support my organizations PCI compliance?” Review our PCI Checklist to learn how Netop supports compliance with PCI.

    Use of Netop Remote Control does not guarantee compliance with industry or government regulations, but it’s a good place to start. Learn more about using Netop Remote Control to comply with privacy and security regulations here.

    To learn about Netop’s commitment to data privacy and security, review our Data Policies.

  • What sort of support and professional services does Netop offer?

    Our Professional Services team helps customers improve efficiency, reduce risk and save implementation time for a quicker return on investment. Our expert consultants are with you every step of the way - either on-site or remotely - to ensure a smooth rollout of your Netop solution with minimal impact on your operations.

    Click here to download our Professional Services brochure.

    Click here to learn more about Netop Technical Support.

  • Netop Remote Control user manuals

  • What languages is Netop Remote Control available in?

    Netop Remote Control is available as a cloud-hosted service with a subscription to the Netop Remote Control Portal, or perpetual licenses can be purchased for use in an on-premise data center (or the cloud-based service of your choosing).

    The Netop Remote Control Portal is currently available in English only.

    Perpetual licenses for Netop Remote Control can be downloaded in any one of the following languages:

    • Arabic - العربية
    • Dutch - Nederlands
    • English - English
    • Finnish - Suomalainen
    • French - Français
    • German - Deutsch
    • Hebrew - עברית
    • Italian - Italiano
    • Japanese - 日本の
    • Russian - Pусский
    • Spanish - Español
    • Swedish - Svenska
  • How do I purchase or renew Netop Advantage?

    The Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Program is provided at no additional charge for most new license, upgrade license and software services purchased from Netop or through an authorized Netop reseller. Coverage under the Netop Advantage program lasts 12 months and can be renewed each year. Organizations may purchase multiple years of coverage (e.g., 24 or 36 months) when placing an order. 

    To renew coverage in the Netop Advantage program for an existing software license or service, please contact Netop for pricing and availability



  • What happens when my Netop Advantage coverage expires?

    Once coverage has expired in the Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Program, you will no longer have access to free upgrades for your Netop software, technical support, or any of the other services offered under the program. 

    If your Netop Advantage coverage lapses and you need technical support, you may purchase an upgrade to your Netop software. Netop upgrade licenses include 12 months of coverage in the Advantage Program starting on the date the upgrade purchase is made.

    It should be noted that upgrading software periodically will likely be more expensive than maintaining continuous coverage in the Netop Advantage Program.