Remote Control for Manufacturers & Production Technology


Ensure uptime of critical systems and equipment.

Leaders in Industry Choose Netop

General Electric, Toshiba, NCR, Intel, Diebold and other Fortune 100 companies trust Netop to provide secure connectivity into the devices they produce and their production facilities.  Netop Remote Control is more than a “plug-and-play” remote access solution.  We provide remote access that can be tailored to the needs of each client – to achieve fast, reliable remote control of equipment in clean rooms, on factory floors and of legacy equipment – with complete logging and additional security features that ensure that you control who accesses your production technology at the times and from the devices you choose.

How Netop secures access to your technology

Netop remote control is the most highly configurable enterprise remote access software you will find.  We work with each of our customers to develop a solution to their remote access needs that manages multiple communication protocols, spans network segments and controls third-party access without compromising their security protocols.  In addition, Netop Remote Control provides complete audit trails and easily snaps in to existing user directories.

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Securing Remote Access to Manufacturing Technology

In manufacturing, some environments are either too dangerous or too sensitive to allow unrestricted access. Remote control software opens the door, boosting productivity without compromising the safety of workers or equipment. This paper shows how it can conserve time and effort, cut the travel budget and up the pace of action, even where connectivity is limited. With multi-factor authentication and customizable authorization layers, remote software also supports a comprehensive, multi-tiered security strategy. Download.




Embedded Devices and Data Thieves

The use of embedded devices is on the rise but embedded security remains a weak link. For many companies, basic security deficiencies are the norm, a fact borne out by the number of hacks in the headlines. This paper explores the methods that data thieves rely on to crack embedded devices and presents a model for a multi-layer security strategy. Download.




The Broadest Platform Support

Netop Remote Control runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, Toshiba 4690, and Symbian, to name a few...

Why manufacturers choose Netop Remote Control


Productivity.  Respond instantly when you get a support request and quickly access production lines, clean rooms and remotely-deployed equipment.

Efficiency.  Netop's consolidated remote support software cuts your travel costs and response times, streamlining your support and reducing your overhead.

Flexibility.  Our solution can be parameterized at the initial code freeze to adapt to new requirements down the road. Netop also conserves resources on embedded systems.

Security.  Netop enables secure, role-specific access, letting you safely integrate production lines and manage third-party access into your network.

Our Core Values

Efficiency, flexibility, and security are the core values that drive the development of Netop Remote Control.

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