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Support ATM fleets, branches and end users with a single solution

The World's Top Banks Choose Netop

42% of the world's top 50 financial institutions choose Netop for secure remote access software. From retail banks to brokerage houses, financial institutions around the world rely on Netop to reduce travel costs, save time, and lower overhead when supporting end users and equipment. From a single user interface, Netop provides remote access to any desktop, server or ATM - inside or outside your network. Our integrated security tools protect your IT environment as well as customer data, helping you stay PCI compliant and exceed your financial institution's security standards.

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" It’s hard to believe that one tool can consolidate resources, help us train staff and support such a vast array of devices. We couldn’t be happier with the solution. "

- Laura Kolterman, Systems Engineer, First Interstate Bank

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First Interstate Bank

Why send technicians on-site? Support your equipment remotely.

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Why Netop Remote Control?


Comprehensive control over who does what. Netop lets you manage access rights centrally, so everyone in your system – from customers to admin – has the privileges they need: no less, no more.

Drop costs, drive efficiency. All your remote needs: one solution. Fewer trips to service your ATMs, fewer reps to get the job done. Netop lowers your IT budget and streamlines your efficiencies.

Work across platforms, devices, networks. Netop performs globally across technologies, firewalls and political boundaries worldwide, establishing a fast, stable connection even in low-bandwidth areas.

Customer retention and downtime don't mix. Our robust toolset for remote problem-solving lets your IT staff address issues as soon as they're reported, lowering downtime and raising loyalty.

Protect your customers, protect yourself. Netop provides market-leading encryption so your guest/host communications can't be hacked. Compliance, audit trails, two-factor authentication, more.

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Go beyond PCI compliance

Being compliant is not the same as being secure. Your network security strategy should account for remote access by employees  and trusted third parties. The remote support software you choose needs to support multiple security configurations.  

Netop Remote Control is built to enable remote access without compromising security or jeopardizing compliance. Multi-factor authentication, complete encryption, and the ability to manage user rights to specific applications and devices make Netop the preferred remote access software solution for financial institutions and financial MSPs.

Netop Remote Control provides the tools you need to achieve PCI-compliant remote access for the long haul, no matter how technology develops or your needs evolve. Download PCI Compliance Checklist (PDF)

Remote Access for ATMs

  • Remotely view all ATM activity during cardholder transactions for diagnostic purposes
  • Execute hardware and software inventories and remote settlement
  • Run supervisor functions, dispenser tests, and remote scripts
  • Enable Helpdesk view of rear panel display
  • Indicate safe door status
  • Communicate via TCP/IP to terminal via GUI
  • Provide input to the ATM via FDKs or PIN pad
  • View files, device error and event logs (APTRA Edge, Windows, and more)
  • Retrieve electronic journals and invoke cut-overs
  • Distribute APTRA Promote campaigns

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Find out how much you could save by servicing your ATMs remotely

ATM uptime is critical, and supporting your ATM fleet is a necessary expense. However, we’re willing to bet that you’re spending far too much on unnecessary service trips to ATM sites.

Download our free workbook to find out how many costly service trips you can avoid and determine your ROI of remote ATM support. Our customers see an average 16% percent reduction of truck rolls per year, which amounts to a big chunk of savings.

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