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Case Study

"Netop’s speed is a major advantage – saving two or three minutes every session adds up."

Every second counts for the technical support team at Spartan Stores. With an expansive network of in-store technology, Spartan Stores relies on Netop Remote Control for fast, reliable access to devices and support of end users. With multi-factor authentication, session recording and complete audit trails, Netop provides the level of security that this large distributor and retailer requires.

A long-time Netop customer, Spartan Stores evaluated their alternatives – and, for a time, switched to a different remote support solution. They found that the other product "was not reliable, slow at connecting and didn’t allow us enough control over how the user responded," said Spartan Stores’ Computer Support Center manager, "Our support center made a big push to go back to Netop."

With their return to Netop, Spartan Stores saw a 30-percent improvement in service efficiency. Netop’s advanced security options allow for centrally managed and flexible connectivity and maintain compliance with PCI and other industry standards. Netop’s collaborative support options means multiple agents – even off-site agents – can work together to resolve issues. The result is lower support costs and satisfied end users.