Case Study

"We worked closely with inomed to deliver the required modifications within the agreed to timeframe."

German medical technology manufacturer inomed develops intraoperative neuromonitoring devices that enable doctors to track a patient’s nerve activity during surgery. Inomed recognized that the use of mobile technology was increasing within hospitals and wanted to provide a way for medical staff to access data from neuromonitoring devices from iPads.

Inomed chose Netop Remote Control as its solution for remotely accessing their intraoperative neuromonitoring devices. Netop worked closely with inomed to develop a new iPad app – inomed’s Remote Viewer – to allow hospital staff to track device readings in real time. Inomed was able to avoid the time and expense of developing a separate remote access tool, as Netop’s development team tailored our technology to match their unique needs.

As a result, inomed avoided the expense of in-house development and benefitted from Netop’s expertise in building secure and scalable remote access solutions. The Remote Viewer enables medical personnel to track data from remote devices in real time. In partnering with Netop, inomed was able to capitalize on the growing trend toward mobility and multi-site consulting to offer a needed medical technology solution.