First Interstate Bank

Case Study

"One tool can consolidate resources, help us train staff and support a vast array of devices. We couldn’t be happier."

With locations across the Western United States, technical staff at First Interstate Bank was accustomed to travelling to support branches, conduct day-to-day maintenance and troubleshoot issues. The company was absorbing considerable costs in travel expenses. First Interstate needed a remote support solution that would deliver greater support efficiency while reducing IT overhead.

First Interstate used Netop to consolidate support operations – bringing travelling support staff to a central office. With thousands of workstations and devices to support, the service department at First Interstate receives over 150 help requests per day. Thanks to Netop, over half of these are resolved remotely.

First Interstate takes advantage of the numerous security features of Netop Remote Control to make sure that their infrastructure and data are protected as fully as possible. With granular user permissions, session recording and centralized logging, First Interstate has the tools it needs to maintain regulatory compliance while improving service efficiency.