Carl's Jr. Hardee's

Case Study

"Netop Remote Control is our lifeline to our restaurants."

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. ("CKE") is known for some of the world's best known quick service brands, such as Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s®. CKE turns to Netop Remote Control to provide PCI-compliant in-store technical service at over 3,600 locations around the globe, allowing on-site management and staff to focus on their customers, rather than system woes.

CKE's technical staff helps in-store management with everything from troubleshooting, to training, to reports and inventory. After using a variety of remote access tools, CKE chose to consolidate their support solutions. An additional benefit was Netop’s ability to support connectivity across diverse networks. "Netop Remote Control works well with the diversity of our network and with high-latency, low-bandwidth VSAT connections." said Brian Jensen, vice president of technical services for CKE.

Netop’s advanced encryption, logging functions and multi-factor authentication are the main reasons why CKE chose Netop Remote Control. As PCI-compliance standards and their network and systems continue to evolve, CKE knows they have a partner they can rely on in Netop. "I would certainly recommend Netop to others; the service and support we’ve received from them has been top-notch," Jensen concluded.