Why Choose Netop Remote Control?

For supporting end users, accessing remote assets and improving operational efficiency without sacrificing security, there's no better solution than Netop.

Lower Costs

Netop Remote Control gives you fast, reliable remote connectivity and the tool set you need to ensure fast issue resolution. Whether serving end users or remotely deployed equipment, Netop helps you decrease downtime and maintain all of your technical assets.




Superior Security

Your remote access software should not compromise your network security. Netop provides complete audit trails, multi-factor authentication and the capability to define user rights and permissions to specific network segments, devices and applications.

Flexible Connectivity

Netop Remote Control enables consolidated connectivity - across platforms, network segments and communication protocols. By consolidating their remote support with one solution, Netop customers decrease the overall cost and security risk of keeping multiple solutions current.

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"We love Netop’s ease of use – it’s working very well for us!"

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