Netop Security Webinars

VPN vs Remote Access Software: a Checklist for Keeping Your Network Secure

Whether it’s used to let employees work remotely or to set up site-to-site connections between offices, most companies use a virtual private network (VPN). However, VPNs have become prime targets for hackers. Even if your company has excellent security, a single flaw can allow an attacker to bypass the defenses and wreak havoc. In this webinar, we will discuss some common concerns around VPN vulnerabilities.   Click to watch



Securing Remote Access: Basic and Advanced Strategies

Hackers and cyber-criminals continue to favor remote access tools as an entry point into their victims' networks. 

In this webinar, we cover basic security practices every business should follow and learn the advanced measures IT professionals take to ensure security at every stage of a remote access session: Protection of endpoints and encrypting remote connections, sophisticated authentication solutions and identity management, role-based authorization with granular user permissions, and robust and secure logging features for auditing. Click to watch.




Securing Remote Access to Mission-Critical Devices and Network Segments

Retailers, financial institutions, government agencies and other enterprises are taxed with providing staff and trusted third parties access to servers and equipment on production networks, but cannot afford to expose these devices or the data they process. 

In this webinar, we will look at how enterprises are enabling secure remote access to mission-critical data and applications, whilst mitigating the risk of exposure to brute force and other network attacks. Panelists will consider the steps that enterprises can take to make sure that access does not translate into risk. Click to play.




Implications of GDPR on Remote Access & Control

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25 2018. The regulation will likely require broad changes to standard operating procedures for all organizations doing business and handling individuals’ private data in the EU – whether based in the EU or abroad.

This webinar focuses specifically on the GDPR requirement to use remote control software and identifies the regulations and compliance requirements around remote access and control. We will present the key questions that organizations need to address to ensure their compliance, the inherent risks of remote access and steps that organizations can take to mitigate these risks. Click to play.




Retail Cybersecurity: Managing Access and Mitigating Risk

Netop and Cybera – world leaders in secure remote access and network segmentation – join forces to lead a discussion on the ongoing challenge of securing retail networks and devices from cyberattacks. Topics covered include proper network segmentation, how to secure remote access points, and how to manage vendor access to retail networks. Click to play.




What Retail Executives Need to Know to Mitigate Security Risks

Retail network security is often a shared responsibility. In this webinar, Netop Chief Technology Officer Kent Madsen and Gregg Margosian, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions discuss what retail executives need to be aware of to reduce their companies' vulnerabilities to data breaches and other attacks. Click to play.




Embedded Devices and Data Thieves

With the rapid growth of embedded technology, mitigating security risks in unattended devices is a growing concern for IT professionals. In this Spiceworks webinar, Netop's Sam Heiney looks at ways in which building automation systems, SCADA systems, industrial controls and medical devices are exposed and presents a strategy for mitigating risks. Click to play.