Security White Papers

Making Remote Support GDPR Compliant: A Complete Guide

The new General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect in May of 2018 and will have an enormous impact on any organization that does business or has operations in the EU. Make sure you know when and how data is processed through remote tools to ensure your business satisfies these new requirements. Download.




Netop Remote Control Security Overview

This technical paper details the modular structure of Netop Remote Control, the four pillars of security that represent Netop’s remote access security strategy, and the multiple options for configuring security settings with Netop components. This paper also provides technical information on the architecture and multiple deployment options of Netop Remote Control. Download.




Securing Remote Access to Manufacturing Technology

In manufacturing, some environments are either too dangerous or too sensitive to allow unrestricted access. Remote control software opens the door, boosting productivity without compromising the safety of workers or equipment. This paper shows how it can conserve time and effort, cut the travel budget and up the pace of action, even where connectivity is limited. With multi-factor authentication and customizable authorization layers, remote software also supports a comprehensive, multi-tiered security strategy. Download.




Stronger Retail Network Security in 2017

A retailer's network security concerns should not be limited to their point of sale devices. The entire retail environment must be locked down, from peripheral devices and end points to third-party vendors and distributors. This paper lays out the security best practices every retailer needs to follow. Download.




Protecting Your Data from Ransomware

Our latest security paper digs into the threat that ransomware poses for retail, financial and other high-value targets.  Netop's security team looks at the different variants of ransomware and the network vulnerabilities that they exploit, who is at risk and what network security professionals can do to mitigate attacks. Download.




Protecting Your PoS System from PoSeidon

A new wave of malware targeting point-of-sale systems is the latest threat to retailers. PoSeidon uses multiple components to scrape credit card data and capture keystrokes. This white paper provides an overview of how PoSeidon works and oultines a four-tier strategy that retailers and managed service providers can use to insulate themselves and their customers from this threat. Download.




Spiceworks Survey - Use and Effectiveness of VPNs

Netop and Spiceworks Voice of IT surveyed 192 IT pros in to learn how they manage VPNs and the challenges experienced with their current solution. The survey results give insight into how VPNs are being used and the steps IT teams are taking to mitigate risk from having open VPN ports. Download.




Embedded Devices and Data Thieves

The use of embedded devices is on the rise but embedded security remains a weak link. For many companies, basic security deficiencies are the norm, a fact borne out by the number of hacks in the headlines. This paper explores the methods that data thieves rely on to crack embedded devices and presents a model for a multi-layer security strategy. Download.




Choosing the Best Remote Control Software: Three Rules

Many remote access options are available for your network - from lightweight, low-cost options to those with enterprise-level security and functionality. Learn the key qualities to look for in selecting a remote access solution that matches your organization's support and security needs. Download.




Building a Better IT Service Channel

As support teams have begun to view the people they support as internal customers rather than end users, the need to build an efficient and responsive service channel has grown. This paper offers expert advice on improving customer engagement, resolution and satisfaction and strategies for implementing service channel improvements. Download.