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Remote Control Security No Matter Your Needs

We offer the most robust security features available so you can securely access your network and devices from any location without making them vulnerable to security threats. With Netop’s top-of-the-line secure remote access solution, you and everyone on your IT support team can feel confident your remote access software will be used to provide efficient and streamlined support instead of cyber-attacks or malicious behavior.

Secure Remote Access that Goes Above and Beyond

No matter the industry, the majority of network data breaches occur through unsecured remote access points. That's why some of the world's biggest banks, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, schools, and government organizations already turn to Netop for secure remote access solutions that provide agile access without ever increasing network vulnerability.

The cutting-edge security features built into each and every Netop product are designed from the ground up to exceed even the most stringent security and compliance standards — all while retaining the flexibility to be fully customized to meet the needs of your business.

Netop's Secure Remote Desktop Features

Netop's secure remote access solution was designed with a simple question in mind: Why meet compliance standards when you can exceed them? "Good enough" is never enough when it comes to security for your business. Netop offers full end-to-end encryption, 2-factor authentication standard, and robust user access management.

Our solution exceeds the compliance requirements set forth by PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and other frameworks all within a single platform. Scroll down for a full list of the security features offered in Netop's secure remote desktop software.

Netop's Security Features


256-bit AES encryption


Multi-factor authentication through Microsoft Azure, RADIUS, RSA SecurID and Smartcards


Complete logging with customizable audit trails and session recordings


Integration with Directory Services


Granular control over all user permissions through individual or group definitions


Customizable security roles


Restrict user access with application white-listing


Centralized multi-factor authentication


MAC or IP list-enabled machine access


Exceeds PCI, GDPR, ISO & HIPAA compliance requirements for authentication & encryption


Access parameters for specific end users or devices


Closed User Group license keys


Automatic locking or logging of remote machines in case of abnormal disconnection


Security & Compliance Resources

Netop Remote Control provides the tools you need to achieve PCI-compliant remote access for the long haul, no matter how technology develops or your needs evolve. Download PCI Compliance Checklist (PDF)

Netop Remote Control supports our HIPAA-covered customers with advanced data encryption and granular access rights to safeguard patients' privacy.  Download our HIPAA Compliance Checklist (PDF)

The General Data Protection Regulation still applies to organizations beyond the European Union, and the penalties for failing to comply are severe. Netop can guide you in aligning your remote support solution with the data processing standards of GDPR. Download our GDPR Compliance Checklist (PDF).

Following ISO standards means best-practice information security for yourself and your customers. ISO compliance requires you to adopt a secure remote access strategy. Netop Remote Control provides the tools you need to achieve ISO-compliant remote access, preparing you for certification with market-leading information security.

A Multi-Layer Approach to Security



Security-conscious IT pros choose Netop because we understand the challenges present in managing diverse environments.  Our technology has been developed to allow connectivity - within and beyond local networks - without compromising your security.  With multi-factor authentication options, thorough logging and audit trails and customized user rights, Netop can help you maintain compliance and adhere to best security practices.

1. Secure the Line

With Netop, companies manage remote access through their own servers - ensuring that corporate security policies are not compromised.  Netop puts companies in complete control over their own data and security.  Netop provides additional security options - including cloud services.  All Netop remote access traffic uses market-leading 256-bit AES encryption and dynamic key exchanges using the Diffie-Hellman method, with key lengths up to 2048 bits to protect your data, your company and your customers.

2. Manage User Access

With Netop, target devices have specific criteria for accepting incoming invitations to connect.  In selecting these criteria, Netop customers easily and effectively manage user access.  Netop allows companies to select a variety of access criteria, including MAC/IP address checks, closed user groups, callback verification and end-user approval. Netop also integrates with our customers' authentication schemes and supports multi-factor authentication through SMS tokens, soft tokens and challenge-based tokens.

3. Manage User Rights

Different users have different access profiles. Netop enables companies to define users' rights and functionality to the smallest detail. While some remote control products allow organizations to manage user rights, Netop provides centralized management.  With Netop, companies can centrally manage access settings and user rights across their networks rather than configuring each device individually.

4. Document All Activity

Netop gives you the most thorough audit trails available. Whether self-hosted or hosted in Netop's secure cloud environment, Netop Remote Control gives companies extensive logging and video recording of remote control sessions. A benchmark for standards compliance, logging and documentation of remote access activities needs to be a central part of your remote security strategy. Netop gives you the data transparency you need to ensure compliance.

Superior Security

Your remote access software should not compromise your network security. Netop provides complete audit trails, multi-factor authentication and the capability define user rights and permissions to specific network segments, devices and applications.

Our Core Values

Efficiency, flexibility, and security are the core values that drive the development of Netop Remote Control.

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