Lower Costs, Better Service

Netop Remote Control gives you greater end-user satisfaction and better device uptime at a lower cost.

Every second counts.

Whether attending to mission-critical devices online or supporting end users in your organization, speed and reliability are essential. Enterprise tech support teams choose Netop because of our proven record of fast, stable connectivity in the most complex environments. Netop Remote Control has the tools that your team needs to reduce truck rolls and improve end-user satisfaction. Our cross-platform support and modular connectivity options ensure that you can achieve high-speed access into unattended devices and across complex networks.

Fast Issue Resolution

Time is money. Whether you are supporting employees, production technology or point-of-sale systems, every second of downtime costs your company.  That's why retailers, financial institutions and enterprises rely on Netop for speedy issue resolution.

Fewer Truck Rolls

Central tech support teams and managed service providers use Netop Remote Control to diagnose problems before field staff hit the road. Netop reduces the need for truck rolls and ensures that technicians arrive with the knowledge and tools they need.

Satisfied End Users

With Netop Remote Control you can remotely support end users within and beyond your network. Fast issue resolution and improved user satisfaction can help you turn your support services into a profit center.

Fast Return on Your Investment

Consolidate support into a single, cross-platform remote support solution

Support end users, mobile devices and embedded technology

Initiate support sessions 50% faster than competing solutions

Conduct collaborative remote control sessions with colleagues


Transfer files with two-way drag-and-drop, delta transfer and crash recovery

Diagnose problems through a remote command prompt window

Communicate with end users through chat

Use Netop's scripting function to automate programs and tasks


Reduced Costs

Netop Remote Control gives you secure connectivity for supporting the widest possible array of devices - improving device uptime and end-user satisfaction - while making a positive impact on your bottom line.  See why IT pros at more than half of the Fortune 100 turn to Netop for secure remote access. 

Our Core Values

Efficiency, flexibility, and security are the core values that drive the development of Netop Remote Control.

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