Does Your Remote Support Software Pass the EU's New Data Regulations?

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Penalties for failing to comply with GDPR are severe. Here's what you need to know.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation that goes into effect in May of 2018 focuses on how businesses process, move and store the personal data of their employees and customers. GDPR will have a substantial impact on the technologies that touch personal data - including remote access and support tools. 

The geographic reach of GDPR goes beyond the EU. It applies to any organization that touches data of EU citizens. The breadth of GDPR means that any company that does business or has operations in the EU likely needs to comply. To do so, organizations need to know when, how, and why personal information is being processed through remote tools.

Our new white paper, “Making Remote Support GDPR Compliant: A Complete Guide," is designed to help any user of commercial remote access software learn how to ensure that remote support is conducted in a compliant manner. Get your free copy by completing the form on this page.

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    Secure, Consolidated Remote Support

    Leading banks, retailers, government entities and manufacturers turn to Netop Remote Control for secure remote support of end users and mission-critical devices.  Our advanced security features - such as centralized logging, complete audit trails and multi-factor authentication - exceed the requirements for compliance with GDPR and other standards.  By consolidating remote support with Netop Remote Control, our customers take advantage of our broad platform support and flexible connectivity to provide easier-to-use and more efficient support across all the devices they support.

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