Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

IT Pros Choose Netop

You do not need to sacrifice security to provide faster, more efficient support. Access all of the devices in your environment and support end users within and beyond your network with Netop Remote Control.  Talk to us today and learn why a quarter of the world's largest retailers and half of the Fortune 100 choose Netop for secure remote access software.

Enhanced Security

With market-leading encryption, multi-factor authentication and complete logging, Netop allows you to improve access without compromising your security.  Our native multi-factor authentication and easy integration with other authentication mechanisms give your the ability to manage third-party network activities while maintaining compliance.

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Lower Costs

Netop gives you a single, consolidated tool for accessing and supporting all devices and platforms for faster issue resolution and reduced maintenance costs.  Whether you maintain your equipment and support end users with an internal support team or are a managed service provider, Netop Remote Control can help you quickly realize a strong return on your investment.

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Flexible Connectivity

Netop’s modular system overcomes firewalls and other challenges for secure, reliable connectivity in the most complex environments. Our broad platform support – including Windows, Android, Linux and Mac - consolidates your support channels into one single, easy-to-use solution. Netop Remote Control is available as a cloud-based or locally-hosted solution.

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    Support End Users

    Netop Remote Control advanced feature set enables efficient support of end users within and outside of your network.

    • Full remote control of keyboard, mouse and monitor
    • Fast file transfer
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Active Directory integration
    • OnDemand Remote Support
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    Access Production Devices

    Netop lets you securely connect POS, building automation and other production systems without exposing them to the Internet.

    • Access production network segments
    • Customizable user and group rights
    • Secure tunneling
    • Concurrent sessions
    • Activity logs and event recordings
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    Manage Vendor Access

    Netop gives you the ability to centrally manage third party access to specific network segments, devices and ports.

    • Restrict access to a single application or device
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Customizable credential requirements
    • Limit vendor access by time or IP address
    • No need to maintain or extend VPN access

Full-featured Remote Support

Secure Access

Multi-factor authentication, customizable security parameters, complete session recording and central log management.

Remote Control

Real-time, seamless screen, mouse and keyboard control, drag-and-drop and automated file transfer and scripting.

Cloud-based or locally hosted

Flexible options let you use our cloud-based options for management and support or deploy our solutions locally 

Secure tunneling

Quickly establish on-demand tunnels into devices and execute the apps and programs of your choice

Remote Management

Manage services, command prompts, registry events, software and hardware information; granular user rights management.

Web-enabled Gateways

Connect quickly beyond your LAN and allow secure third-party access into selected network segments or devices

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First Interstate Bank
Carl's Jr.
Spartan Stores

A quarter of the world's largest retailers choose Netop

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42% of the world's largest banks choose Netop

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Leading manufacturers trust Netop

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For more than 30 years, Netop has created market-leading software solutions that connect computers, production technology and smart devices. Millions of users worldwide trust Netop to make more than 100 million secure connections each day.

Multi-platform Support

Netop Remote Control runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, Toshiba 4690, and Symbian, to name a few...

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