Why Netop?

Why do the World's Leading Companies Choose Netop?

For supporting end users, accessing remote assets, improving operational efficiencies and managing external vendors, there's no better solution than Netop Remote Control.

To reduce risk and maintain security...

  • From confidential healthcare data and sensitive government information to financial records and user identities, every organization today is tasked with protecting digital assets. And when it comes to providing secure remote access to the technology devices where these assets exist, no other solution offers the range of checkpoints, permissions and audits that Netop Remote Control does.

  • Netop Security Overview

To consolidate support resources...

  • Typically, enterprises will use several remote access solutions to support different types of devices and users. But this adds unnecessarily complexity. With the ability to work across operating systems, networks and devices, Netop Remote Control helps companies lower maintenance costs, increase workflow efficiencies and improve security by consolidating into a single remote access solution.

  • Consolidate ITSM Resources

To improve operational efficiencies...

  • Calculated over weeks, months and years, shortening each support session by a few seconds, or a few minutes, equates to significant cost savings. With an undeniable track record of helping companies drive operational efficiencies, Netop's solutions are proven to positively impact bottom lines.

  • Gain Efficiencies with Netop

To streamline vendor access...

  • Today, external vendors and consultants play an integral role in helping organizations support devices, machines and applications across their IT environment. To save money, remote access solutions have become a necessity, but how do you maintain control. Netop makes it easy to control vendor access, access to specific devices, monitor activity and maintain audit trails.

  • Gain Efficiencies

To support embedded devices…

  • With so many embedded machines, sensors and appliances coming online, companies are facing unique IT challenges - mainly how to securely manage, monitor and support hundreds or thousands of specialized devices. At Netop, remotely supporting embedded equipment is a natural extension of our core capabilities. Whether you need to connect to stationary or mobile equipment, standard or proprietary operating systems, a port specific application or a device with no user interface, we’ve got you covered.

  • Embedded Devices