Utility Companies

Remote IT Support Software for Utilities & Natural Resources

Efficient and secure remote IT support across the organization

Netop Remote Control helps gas, electric, water and telecommunications companies efficiently operate their IT environments. With Netop, your IT staff can maintain and support computers and mobile devices over any geographical distance with fast, reliable service, saving unnecessary travel time. With detailed audit trails and reports, you can ensure full accountability, exercise centralized control of user rights and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Netop Remote Control: Remote IT Support Software for Utilities



Learn how Netop Remote Control ensures secure IT support for utility companies:

  • Cross Platform Support. From a single support console, access devices running Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Audit Trails. All Netop events can be logged, and physical session recordings of screen activity can be centrally maintained.

    Multi-factor Authentication. Require support staff and administrators to perform two or more authentications before accessing a target device.

    Centralized Access Management. The Netop Security Server provides centralized security, administration, authentication and authorization of all remote control users. We also integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory, RSA and more.

    Scripting. Run scripts, or schedule them to run, on target devices.

    GUI-less Devices. With Netop, you can access equipment where monitors, keyboard and mice do not exist.

    Connectivity. Support remote devices across the Internet, bypassing firewalls, routers and proxies.

  • Screen Transfer & More. Get full access to the mobile device: view screens, control keyboards and mice and perform remote administrative jobs such as registry editing and task and service management.

    Closed User Groups. Implement an additional layer of security: any request to connect from unauthorized license keys will be rejected.

    Encryption. Protect transmitted data using built-in 256-bit AES encryption.

    Confirm Access. Allow end users to close sensitive files/views before letting a support representative access his or her computer.

    Many to One; One to Many. Simultaneously support many end users, or have several staff members support a single user.

    System Information. Remotely collect inventory and system details, such as hardware drivers, software updates and even WiFi signal strength.

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