Utility Companies

Secure Remote Access for Utilities and Natural Resources

Cross-platform remote support to ensure uptime

The utilities industry is every business and household’s silent partner. Gas, electric, water and telecommunications companies provide the services that make modern business and lifestyles possible. Sanitation, warmth, connection, safety – these are the basics, and the basics are crucial.

How utilities meet the remote support challenge

  • Keep your infrastructure functioning smoothly, continuously
  • Speed call-resolution times and rise to the call to do more with less
  • Support thousands of employees, including lots of mobile workers
  • Resolve problems on specialized devices (e.g. meter readers), miles removed
  • Implement security policies; protect equipment and customer data
  • Drive efficiency, contain cost and protect infrastructure uptime

Because utilities work in the background, we don’t often notice their significance and complexity – that is, until something goes wrong. To manage complexity and maintain uptime, remote access for utilities is essential.

Remote Access Software for  the Utilities Industry

Efficient and secure access with Netop Remote Control

Netop Remote Control relieves the pressure to keep things humming smoothly. With effective remote access for utilities, we eliminate cost-prohibitive travel, help you repair malfunctions faster, consolidate your IT department and lower your overhead. It’s stable, comprehensive, versatile and secure.

Effective, direct response for support requests. With an option-rich toolset for resolving problems remotely, Netop equips your technicians to get customers back to their routines, as soon as possible.

Work across platforms, devices, networks. Meter readers, relays, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) – as long as it has an operating system and an Internet connection, Netop can support it.

Costs fall. Problems solved. All your remote needs, one solution. Remote access for utilities means better, more streamlined tools and fewer costs, so technicians can accomplish more, faster, with less.

Comprehensive control over who does what. With Netop you can manage passwords, security roles and privileges centrally, for thousands of vendors and all your devices.

Protect your equipment, your customers, yourself. Netop provides market-leading encryption, multi-factor authentication, centralized logging and industry-compliant security capabilities, so your customer data is safe and your remote sessions can’t be hacked.

How can consolidation help you?


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