Remote Access Software for Healthcare

Support health & protect privacy with HIPAA-compliant remote control

Caring for someone in critical condition. Sending patient data to a colleague. Monitoring specialized medical devices from an iPad. Medical professionals depend on IT stability, efficacy and confidentiality across the industry: hospitals, clinics, mobile nurses, insurance, research.

The remote support challenge for the healthcare industry

  • Support desktops, sonograms, x-rays, diagnostic apparatus, servers
  • Manage facilities across a region, each with its own formidable firewall
  • Keep critical devices from failing when others depend on them
  • Access data remotely while complying with HIPAA, PHI and ISO
  • Speed call resolution times, and rise to the call to do more with less

The healthcare industry is entrusted not only with data, but with people’s privacy and wellbeing. To support the technology involved, protect confidentiality and comply with regulations without fail, it takes more than a superficial solution.

HIPAA Compliant Remote Access Software

Secure remote access for your IT team

Netop Remote Control consolidates your IT department, eliminates cost-prohibitive travel, saves time and lowers your overhead. It’s stable, streamlined, versatile and secure. In fact, there’s no solution more secure.

Downtime is a risk factor. With a full-featured toolset, Netop lets your IT staff provide immediate remote support for your technology and for the people whose health depends on it.

Protect your patients, protect yourself. Patient confidentiality is sacred: Netop helps you protect it with HIPAA-compliant security, comprehensive event logging and market-leading encryption.

Work across platforms, devices, networks. From mobile phones to specialized devices, as long as it includes an operating system and an Internet connection, your IT staff can support it with Netop.

Comprehensive control over who sees what. Netop lets you manage access rights centrally, so everyone in your system, from doctors to Help Desk, has the privileges they need: no less, no more.

Costs fall. Staff productivity rises. All your remote needs, one solution. Fewer call centers, fewer costs. Netop helps your IT staff do more, faster, with less.

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