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What kind of work do you do?

What can Netop Remote Control do for your organization? It depends on your industry. Based on your needs, our remote access software can serve an integral role in a variety of situations: letting you monitor the performance of specialized medical devices, helping you fix a POS or ATM on the other side of the country, allowing you to protect sensitive information during government communications.

Financial Protect the assets and identities entrusted to you. With market-leading, industry-compliant security capabilities, Netop gives you the tools to prevent security breaches, build customer satisfaction and drive efficiencies at the same time.

Retail When a POS device breaks and no one on site can fix it, transactions grind to a stop. Netop lets you resolve errors remotely, securely, for hundreds to thousands of locations, achieve PCI compliance and keep sales rolling.

Healthcare Troubleshoot specialized medical devices from an iPad. Protect patient confidentiality with HIPAA-compliant security procedures. From sonograms to servers, Netop provides remote access to support the IT tools you depend on.

Government Netop lets you access your equipment from almost any location, manage access rights comprehensively and generate reports on all remote activity. Achieve FIPS-compliance, resolve IT problems faster and lower your operating budget.

Utilities Repair malfunctioning equipment faster, support field workers and internal staff, lower overhead and reduce expensive travel costs for IT technicians. Netop's remote access software solution is reliable, comprehensive and secure.

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