Remote Vendor Access

Secure Remote Vendor Access Solutions

Provide secure remote access while reducing costs

External vendors and partners play an important role in many of today's global organizations. With Netop Remote Control, you can provide secure remote access to these parties, so they can support users, applications, servers and speciality devices while minimizing, or eliminating, the need to be onsite.

Remote Vendor Access Management: External and Internal Netoworks

Manage Vendor Remote Access with Netop Remote Control

  • Centralized Access Management. The Netop Security Server provides centralized security, administration, authentication and authorization of all remote control users. We also integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory, RSA and more.

    Audit Trails. All Netop events can be logged and physical session recordings of screen activity can be centrally maintained.

    Connectivity. Support your remote devices across the Internet, bypassing firewalls, routers and proxies.

  • Citrix & Terminal Servers. Provide third parties with access to target devices through terminal sessions.

    Domain Hierarchy. Establish separate domains within the corporate support umbrella, restricting which devices can be accessed by vendors, partners or even internal support staff.

Streamline vendor management

Is your remote access secure?