Remote Vendor Access

Vendor Remote Access Solutions

Provide secure access to vendors while maintaining control

Enterprise organizations rely on the support of hundreds, even thousands, of IT vendors. At this scale, remote vendor access is a fundamental necessity, whether you’re running updates or repairing a specialized device. The challenge is, how to let your vendors in, without giving them free rein?

How to meet the remote vendor access challenge

  • Allow remote vendor access for hundreds to thousands of individuals
  • Restrict access; prevent vendors from accessing accounts for their own reasons
  • Make it impossible for consultants to share login keys or account credentials
  • Make sure each consultant’s privileges comply with your security policy
  • Document all vendor activity, so every last action can be traced to its source
  • Manage which tools are available to which vendor
  • Ensure that each vendor’s password is unique and strong

Providing remote vendor access to so many different people comes with obvious risks. Security breaches, data loss and the failure to meet regulatory compliance are unaffordable. At Netop, we believe they’re also preventable.

Remote Vendor Access Software

Manage vendor access with Netop Remote Control

Netop Remote Control allows fast, secure, reliable access to any device within your organization, while letting you manage vendor privileges at a granular level. The result? Protect security. Consolidate access rights management. Lower your overhead. Netop handles a remarkably complex task, in a remarkably straightforward way.

Be productive. Deploy specialists the moment they’re needed. Respond instantaneously when you get a support request, no matter what the technological needs or where they’re located.

Be cost-efficient. Consolidated remote support cuts your IT travel costs as well as your response time, streamlining your support efficiencies and easing your administrative overhead.

Be equipped. Netop gives your personnel have the tools they need to resolve the problems they face: screen-sharing, remote mouse and keyboard control, file transfer, scripting, more. 

Be secure. Protect sensitive data with industry-compliant encryption, create audit trails, define vendor privileges at a granular level, limit access and manage user authentication centrally.

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