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Distributed IT Infrastructure Remote Support Solution

Ensure timely remote support for mission-critical equipment

Netop Remote Control lets organizations support their distributed IT Infrastructure. Easily connect to servers within the corporate network or at a remote location. Allow support staff and external partners to gain access to target devices, wherever they may be.

Remote IT Support Distributed Infrastructure Remote Access Software

Support your IT infrastructure with Netop Remote Control

  • iOS Access. Leverage Netop Mobile for iOS to support laptops, servers and devices from an iPad, iPhone or iTouch.

    Save Connections. Use the Netop phonebook to save connection details. It works much like a personal quick-dial telephone directory, requiring the communication profile and securely encrypted passwords to connect.

    Collaboration. Support many target devices at once, or have multiple several staff members support a single device simultaneously.

    Cross Platform Support. From a single support console, access devices running Windows, Mac and Linux.

    GUI-less Devices. No GUI? No problem. Leverage the Secure Tunnel to access Linux servers and embedded equipment where monitors, keyboard and mice do not exist.

    Reliability. Our solution has been tested across almost every conceivable IT environment and is proven to deliver the performance and stability demanded by today’s technology administrators.

    Centralized Access Management. The Netop Security Server provides centralized security, administration, authentication and authorization of all remote control users. We also integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory, RSA and more.

  • Intel vPRO. Gain remote control before the OS has been loaded. Change BIOS, or install a new OS from a remote computer.

    Lock Keyboard and Mouse. Once a secure connection has been authorized, support staff can lock the end user’s keyboard and mouse while performing maintenance.

    Remote Management. Netop lets your support staff access the disk drives, event viewer, task manager, registry, services, shared folders, inventory, command console and system control to troubleshoot a system without remote-controlling the desktop.

    Connectivity. Support your remote devices across the Internet, bypassing firewalls, routers and proxies.

    Inventory. Remotely collect hardware and software information, including battery charge condition and WiFi signal strength.

    Audit Trails. All Netop events can be logged, and physical session recordings of screen activity can be centrally maintained.

    Virtual Environments. Leverage the most secure virtual machine remote control solution on the market, and provide remote support for your virtualized environments, including VDI desktops.

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