Mobile Workforce

Remote Access Solutions for the Mobile Workforce

Embrace mobility .... conquer the world with secure remote access

Nearly every organization today has a mobile workforce, be it field workers, traveling sales teams or those who work from home on a full- or part-time basis. In each of these environments, technology interruptions can bring an employee’s daily activities to a halt. Netop Remote Control makes it easy to support them – and their devices – wherever they may be. In fact, with Netop your support staff can be mobile too.

Mobile Workforce Support Remote Control Software

Ensure secure mobile workforce access with Netop Remote Control

  • Connectivity. Support your remote devices across the Internet, bypassing firewalls, routers and proxies.

    iOS Access. Give your support staff the freedom to access, view and or support devices from an iPad, iPhone or iTouch.

    Encryption. Protect transmitted data using built-in 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Devices. From laptops, smartphones and handheld terminals, we’ve got you covered. Connect to these devices and more from a single support interface.

    Take control. Get full access to the mobile device: view screens, control keyboards and mice and perform remote administrative jobs such as registry editing and task and service management.