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Be more productive while on the go with mobile support solutions

Traveling sales teams, staff working from home, truck drivers, utility meter readers, field workers... by 2016, Forrester projects that 63 million US information workers will telecommute at least part of their time. This means less office space and a lower overhead. On the other hand, a mobile workforce requires robust mobile support.

How to meet the remote support challenges of a mobile workforce?

  • Support hundreds to thousands of mobile workers, wherever they may be
  • Manage a vast array of devices, from laptops to specialized handheld scanners
  • Connect to devices efficiently across heterogeneous networks and firewalls
  • Allow authorized access only, prevent security breach, generate documentation
  • Monitor which remote support activities took place on which devices

As organizations attempt to cut costs and mobile technology continues to develop, the trend toward a mobile workforce will grow. Competitive organizations embrace this. At Netop, we do too.

Mobile Remote Workforce Support

Secure reliable mobile support with Netop Remote Control

Netop Remote Control provides fast, secure, reliable support for mobile workers throughout your organization, letting you monitor, troubleshoot and access devices from almost anywhere. The result? Improve resolution times. Lower your overhead. Protect security. Netop handles a remarkably complex task, in a remarkably straightforward way.

Be available. With direct, flexible connectivity and intuitive support tools, Netop makes it easy for mobile users to get help; all they have to do is give their IP address or computer name to your IT service desk.

Be unstoppable. Transfer files, control a user’s keyboard, start and end programs with touch-screen control. Collect system information, including hardware drivers, software updates and WiFi signal strength.

Be fast. Reliable, enterprise-wide performance. Shortcuts, hot keys and easy toggle between onscreen keyboards. For even faster access, you can store common connections in your Favorites or Recent Items.

Be secure. With industry-leading encryption and multi-layer security features, Netop empowers you to manage access rights and user authentication centrally, and prevent sensitive data from being compromised.

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