Remote Access Software for Manufacturing

Bring response time down & uptime up with remote equipment support

In manufacturing, efficiency matters, and downtime is costly. The ability for you and your external consultants to access equipment remotely is crucial to avoiding lost production time, lowering your operating budget, improving service and in so doing, gaining a competitive edge.

How to meet the remote equipment access challenge?

  • Support automated assembly and warehousing, robotics, transport systems, more
  • Manage multiple aspects of the industrial process, both physical and technical
  • Create precise documentation; record whole sessions at a central location
  • Identify errors proactively, prevent machine standstill, improve IT response time
  • Protect safety: define situation-specific access rights where workers and machines cooperate
  • Provide maintenance services to customers, a second pillar of revenue generation
  • Grant access to third-party vendors to perform maintenance and diagnostics

Every time you avoid a machine standstill, you save thousands of dollars a minute. It makes no sense to send your IT staff on long trips around the globe, or pay for vendors to do so: Netop lets your technicians spend more of their hours on skilled labor, less time sitting in an airport.

Remote Access Software for Manufacturing

Maximize uptime with Netop Remote Control

Netop Remote Control provides fast, secure, reliable access to any device within your IT environment, letting you monitor, troubleshoot and control computers from almost any location. The result? Maximize uptime. Resolve problems faster. Lower your overhead. Netop handles a remarkably complex task, in a remarkably straightforward way.

Be productive. Deploy specialists the moment they’re needed. Respond instantaneously when you get a support request, no matter what the technological needs or where they’re located.

Be cost-efficient. Consolidated remote support cuts your IT travel costs as well as your response time, streamlining your support efficiencies and easing your administrative overhead.

Be flexible. Our solution can be parameterized at the initial code freeze to adapt to new requirements down the road. It can also conserve resources on embedded systems, which include a slimmer OS, less storage space and many other restrictions.

Be secure. Establish secure connections and create role-specific authorization for those accessing your systems remotely, letting you safely integrate entire production lines into your company network.

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