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Timely, efficient and cost-effective remote IT support

Service Desks vary from one organization to another, but with Netop Remote Control, rest assured you’ll have the tools you need. Support users and devices within the corporate network, at branch locations or outside your network. Further, you can rely on remotely-located staff members to support users and devices, wherever they may be.

Remote IT Support: Remote Access Help Desk Software

Netop Remote Control delivers secure IT service desk access, including:

  • Many to One; One to Many. Simultaneously support many end users, or have several staff members support a single user.

    Confirm Access. Allow end users to close sensitive files/views before letting a support representative access his or her computer.

    Connectivity. Support your remote devices across the Internet, bypassing firewalls, routers and proxies.

    Multi-monitor Support. Do your employees use two or more monitors? With Netop, your staff can help end users across multiple monitors.

    Run Programs. Remotely run programs, such as system scans, on target devices.

    Citrix & Terminal Servers. Provide third parties with access to target devices through terminal sessions.

    System Information. Remotely collect inventory and system details, such as hardware drivers, software updates and even WiFi signal strength.

    Audit Trails. All Netop events can be logged, and physical session recordings of screen activity can be centrally maintained.

  • Request Help. End users simply press a button to indicate they need help, and support staff immediately receive a notification.

    Observation Only. Limit Tier 1 support reps to “view only” mode, and they’ll be unable to control the mouse and keyboard of a target machine.

    Lock Keyboard/Mouse. Once a secure connection has been authorized, support staff can opt to lock the end user’s keyboard and mouse while performing maintenance.

    Demonstrate. Let support reps share their screens with end users so they can demonstrate a particular feature or solution.

    Remote Management. Netop lets support staff access the disk drives, event viewer, task manager, registry, services, shared folders, inventory, command console and system control to troubleshoot a system without remote-controlling the desktop.

    File Transfer. Give support staff the ability to transfer files and directories between computers.

    Stealth Mode. Hide the Netop application on the target device to prevent end user tampering.

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