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Improve service desk response time with remote IT support software

When a user runs into a problem, they turn to your Service Desk. When an internal group needs information, they ask the Service Desk. Your Service Desk is the single point of contact for on-demand advice, information and action – and to keep your team productive, response time matters.

How to meet the remote help desk support challenge

  •  View and control any employee’s PC anywhere
  •  Connect remotely across locations, platforms, networks and devices
  •  Resolve support requests immediately; keep downtime to a minimum
  •  Escalate issues quickly to the area where they can be addressed
  •  Interface with internal groups; provide feedback and information
  •  Comply with rigorous security standards and protect sensitive data

Your Service Desk is expected to support a proliferating body of systems and devices, to improve response metrics and to do so on limited resources. While incoming ticket counts grow, the IT staff often stays the same. Netop helps ease the pressure.  So what sets Netop apart from other remote IT support solutions - such as PCAnywhere, TeamViewer, and LogMeIn?

Secure Remote Access: Service Desk Solutions

Fast & secure IT support with Netop Remote Control

Netop Remote Control provides fast, secure, reliable access to any device within your organization. With our Service Desk solution, you can monitor, troubleshoot and control computers from almost anywhere. The result? Improve resolution times. Lower your overhead. Protect security. Netop handles a remarkably complex task, in a remarkably straightforward way.

Be fast. Users expect support whether they’re at the office, sitting in the airport or staying up late. Netop lets you work as if you were in front of their computer, so you don’t have to spend time calling, emailing or trying to imagine problems you can’t see.

Be cost-efficient. With consolidated remote support, centralized deployment and intuitive chat tools (text, audio and video), Netop cuts your IT travel costs as well as your response time, streamlining your support efficiencies and lowering your overhead

Be everywhere. Take control of all your devices. Give on-demand support to any PC anywhere.  Access mobile and unattended devices. Support your customers, wherever they are - securely.  Netop connects you across heterogeneous networks, without configuring firewalls, proxies or routers, and without relying on third-party servers.

Be secure. Perform remote support, file transfer and maintenance with industry-leading encryption and the most comprehensive security on the market. Define user privileges at a granular level, and safely enforce who is allowed to do what, where, when.

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