Embedded Systems

Secure Remote Control for Embedded Systems

No GUI? No Problem

Embedded systems are the lion’s share of all electronic components in the world. They’re deployed every year by the billions, from spacecraft to GPS to network appliances. In fact, IDC expects the market to grow from 1.8 billion shipped in 2011, to four billion in 2015. That’s a statistic your remote support solution can’t afford to ignore. 

How to provide secure remote access for your embedded systems

  • Access devices that don’t have a graphical interface, keyboard or mouse
  • Connect to and retrieve data from unmanned or unattended devices
  • Support and manage disparate systems without transferring screen data
  • Adhere to the security regulations of retail, healthcare, finance, government
  • Track and generate reports for all remote activity on data-sensitive devices
  • Guard against the potent threat of hardware-targeting malware

Embedded systems are vital to your organization; they’re also susceptible to malware. By attacking the hardware layer of an embedded device, malware writers can gain long-term access to the system and its data. At Netop, we help you prevent unauthorized remote access.

Remote Access Software for Embedded Systems

Fast, secure embedded systems control with Netop Remote Control

Netop Remote Control provides fast, secure, reliable access to embedded systems throughout your organization. Monitor, troubleshoot, control and protect non-graphical devices from almost anywhere. The result? Improve uptime. Lower your costs. Protect security. Netop handles a remarkably complex task, in a remarkably straightforward way.

Be productive. Manage thousands to 100,000s of devices from an intuitive interface. When an unattended system goes down, respond immediately and get back up to speed, faster.

Be cost-efficient. Netop cuts your IT travel costs as well as your response time, streamlining your support efficiencies and lowering your overhead.

Be everywhere. Support disparate embedded systems throughout your entire organization with cross-platform compatibility, direct connections and flexible connectivity options.

Be secure. Enforce user permissions and port-specific access. Protect your data with industry-leading encryption. Generate documentation, so you can trace every action back to its source. 

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The number of connected devices is expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020.

-- 'More Than 50 Billion Connected Devices' report by Ericsson

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