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Secure Remote IT Support Software

A reliable, around-the-clock remote service solution.

Every IT environment is unique. Depending on your goals, Netop can help you fill support requests faster, manage access rights for external IT consultants, administer servers, support a mobile workforce, troubleshoot an ATM... across the board, our remote access solution excels in complex global organizations where security and performance are paramount.

Service Desk Fill support requests from employees and groups throughout your organization, shorten response times and lower your administrative overhead. Handle more tickets, with the same staff, and provide better service.

IT Infrastructure Servers, back-end equipment, unattended systems, connectivity, hardware – keep the arteries of your IT environment flowing reliably, so your infrastructure continues to perform around the clock.

Vendors Manage access rights for hundreds to thousands of vendors or consultants from one interface, down to the granular level, while meeting regulatory compliance with industry-leading security and comprehensive audit trails.

Embedded Embedded devices outnumber PCs five to one. Netop lets you access disparate task-specific devices, regardless of location; and access port-specific applications through the Secure Tunnel, with or without transferring screen data.

Mobile Workforce In an evolving professional world, more employees work from home; many traveling consultants spend 100% of their time outside the office. Netop provides swift, secure, reliable access to virtually any device with an operating system and an Internet connection. 

Manufacturing Access your equipment from almost any location. Perform comprehensive reporting. Troubleshoot errors proactively, resolve problems faster, prevent lost production time and lower your operating budget.

Building Automation Reduce liability and protect against cyber attacks. Provide secure and centralized access to building automation systems. Define access rights, monitor activity and perform audits.

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