Netop Advantage

Netop Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade Program

Netop Advantage
Annual Support and Upgrade Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Netop Advantage annual support and upgrade program?

Q. What is Netop Advantage?

A. Netop Advantage is the annual support and upgrade program that keeps you current with new releases, and provides technical support for all your Netop software questions.

Q. What does Netop Advantage provide?

A. Netop Advantage provides free updates to your Netop software, as well as license management services and access to Netop’s expert technical support assistance, ensuring you maintain the value of your software investment. 

Q: What are the benefits of Netop Advantage?

A. The benefits of Netop Advantage include:

• Full upgrade protection: Software upgrades and documentation are free, ensuring you stay current on the latest technical developments.

• Online support services: Access product information, software updates and technical support resources online.

• Expert technical assistance: Netop's trained support team is available to provide expert advice and assistance for your support questions.

• License management services: Netop keeps track of your license keys, subscriptions and online accounts. Lost or missing keys are replaced at no charge.

• Reduced software costs: Price breaks on additional licenses or subscriptions let you expand your use of Netop software at a lower cost.

• Lower total cost of ownership: Continuous protection not only keeps you current, but costs less than periodic upgrades.

Is the Netop Remote Control Portal included?

Q. Is access to the Netop Remote Control Portal covered by Netop Advantage?

A. Yes  Trial access to the Portal is available at no charge for 30 days.  After 30 days, customers who have Netop Remote Control Guest licenses covered by an active Advantage Program can convert their trial account to a full account.  Customers who convert their trial account will receive one seat in the Portal for each Netop Remote Control Guest license covered by an active Netop Advantage Program and will have Portal access through December 31, 2015.

Q. How can I convert a trial Netop Remote Control Portal account to a full account?

A. Simply complete the form here.  You will receive a named seat in the Portal for each Netop Remote Control Guest license covered by an active Netop Advantage program.

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How is Netop Advantage related to Netop Upgrade Insurance?

Q. Does Netop Advantage replace Netop Upgrade Insurance (NUI)?

A. Yes. Beginning in July 2010 the Netop Upgrade Insurance program has been renamed Netop Advantage?

Q. Will I get all the same features and benefits from Netop Advantage as I have with Netop Upgrade Insurance.

A. Yes. No features or service level agreements have changed.

Q. Why have you changed the name from Netop Upgrade Insurance to Netop Advantage?

A. The program was renamed the Netop Advantage annual support and upgrade program to better reflect the full value of this service offering which includes expert technical support as well as upgrade protection.

Q. I recently purchased Netop Upgrade Insurance. Am I still covered under Netop Advantage?

A. Yes. Customers with existing NUI contracts will receive all the benefits of the Netop Advantage program, with no additional steps required. Beginning in July 2010, all new Netop software purchases will include one free year of Netop Advantage, and all NUI renewals will be replaced by Netop Advantage renewals.

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What products and services are covered by Netop Advantage

Q. What Netop software products are covered by Netop Advantage?

A. Any Netop software product purchased from Netop or a Netop authorized reseller is covered by the Netop Advantage program.

Q. Who is covered by the Netop Advantage program?

A. The Netop Advantage program applies to all customers:

  • With a valid Netop perpetual use software license purchased in the past year. (Your first year of Netop Advantage is included free of charge).
  • With a valid Netop perpetual use software license and a current Netop Advantage or Netop Upgrade Insurance renewal.
  • With a valid subscription purchased for Netop software.
  • With a valid contract for any Netop hosted service.
  • Using a free 8, 14 or 30-day trial of Netop software.

Q: I have a subscription rather than a license, am I covered?

A: Yes, Netop Advantage is included in all subscription or hosted service purchases. The program is automatically renewed when your subscription or account is renewed.

Q: I am using a free trial of Netop software. Can I get technical support assistance?

A: Yes, during your initial trial period (usually 30 days) you are extended all the benefits of Netop Advantage at no charge, including technical support and assistance from Netop.

Q: I have a subscription to the Netop MyVision Free classroom management software. Is that covered by Netop Advantage?

A: No, free subscriptions to MyVision are not covered by the Netop Advantage program, except during the initial 30-day trial period. However, you may access publicly available technical support information for MyVision at no charge. Or you may purchase a subscription to MyVision Basic, which includes access to Netop Advantage. 

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How do I purchase or renew Netop Advantage?

Q. Is Netop Advantage included with my purchase of Netop software?

A. Yes. Every new Netop software license purchase includes one year of Netop Advantage support and upgrades at no charge.

Q. How do I ensure continuous protection for my software beyond the first year?

A. Simply renew your Netop Advantage plan before it expires each year to continue uninterrupted access to new releases and technical support for your Netop software. If you purchase an annual subscription to your Netop software, than Netop Advantage will be automatically included in each year's subscription.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Netop Advantage renewals are priced at 20% of the current list price of a new Netop software license. If you purchase your software by subscription the cost of Netop Advantage is included in the subscription fee. Keeping your renewal up to date is the most cost effective way to ensure your software stays current with new releases.

Q. Where can I purchase a Netop Advantage renewal?

A. You can purchase a renewal from any Netop Authorized Reseller, and in some countries, such as the US and Canada, you can also purchase your renewal directly from Netop.  See our renewal page for North American customers for additional information, or check our where to buy pages to locate a Netop reseller in your area.

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What happens when my Netop Advantage coverage expires?

Q: What happens when my Netop Advantage coverage expires?

A. Once your coverage has expired, you will no longer be able to get support from Netop's expert technical team, nor will you be eligible to receive free upgrades to your Netop software or any of the other services offered under the Netop Advantage program.

Q: What happens if I let my Netop Advantage coverage lapse and later need technical support or need to upgrade my software?

A. If you Netop Advantage coverage lapses, you can purchase an upgrade to your Netop software which will include 12 months of Netop Advantage technical support and upgrades starting on the date you upgrade.  However purchasing an upgrade is more expensive than maintaining continuous coverage in the Netop Advantage program.

Q: How much do upgrades cost?

A. Upgrades to Netop software are priced at 50% of the current list price for a new Netop software license.

Q: How can I ensure that my Netop Advantage coverage does not lapse?

A: Be sure to purchase your renewal before the end of your current Netop Advantage contract to ensure continuous coverage for your Netop software, and avoid paying the higher upgrade price.

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