About Netop

Making promises is easy

Helping you keep them is what we do

Being there when you are needed is at the heart of service. Our passion is making tools for one-on-one communication and support that work anywhere in the world.

Netop Service

Netop provides a single, secure channel for online personal service and world-class technical support. Our goal is to provide your company with a consolidated solution for comprehensive, multi-device, real-time communication to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Only Netop creates tools for universal, secure and compliant support and communication across the entire spectrum of platforms and devices to help you increase efficiency save money and - most importantly - keep your promises to your customers and users.

Explore Our Solutions

Our service channel consists of two products, Netop Remote Control and Netop Live Guide.  You can explore the products by finding out more on our website. But we can help you tailor a solution that readily scales with the needs or your organization and easily integrates with other services. Contact Netop, we would be glad to help you.