An Industry-Leading Remote Control Security Solution

Remote access without compromising your security policies

Netop customers often have high security requirements and turn to Netop Remote Control to comply with industry standards. Netop's service team can help you implement your own best-practice security policies with market-leading encryption, authentication and access management. When it comes to internal security and managing vendor access, be your best with Netop.

Netop Remote Control: security features
256-bit AES encryption
Centralized multi-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication through Microsoft Azure, RADIUS, RSA SecurID and Smartcards
Integration with Directory Services
Granular control over all user permissions through individual or group definitions
Complete logging with customizable audit trails and session recordings
Exceeds PCI, ISO & HIPAA compliance requirements for authentication & encryption
Access parameters for specific end users or devices
Automatic locking or logging of remote machines in case of abnormal disconnection
MAC or IP list-enabled machine access
Closed User Group license keys