HIPAA Compliant Remote Access Software

Achieve compliance with Netop Remote Control

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, made the entire healthcare system more efficient by encouraging professionals to use secure, encrypted methods for working with medical information. The technical security safeguards associated with HIPAA-compliant remote access are rigorous:

  • Assign each user a unique ID; log them out automatically
  • Verify ID multiple times before allowing login
  • Record all user activity having to do with protected information
  • Protect records from being modified without your knowledge
  • Encrypt data during transmission

HIPAA is just the first step in protecting your patients’ confidentiality – an absolutely crucial first step. In the effort to become HIPAA-compliant, remote access is one of the most important keys.

Secure Confidentiality with HIPAA Compliant Remote Support

Netop Remote Control provides the tools to navigate the toughest requirements and achieve HIPAA-compliant remote access, safeguarding your records, your patients’ privacy and yourself.

Bulletproof data encryption 
Encrypt protected information with key lengths up to 256 bits, and conform to best-practice standards (AES, HMAC and SHA) for data transmission, integrity verification and key exchange.

Two-factor authentication 
Assign each user a unique ID, authenticate identity multiple times before login success, log users out automatically and render passwords unreadable during storage.

Granular access rights 
Define security roles for hundreds to thousands of users, so every member of your staff and each external consultant in your system has strict “need to know” access.

Comprehensive audit trail 
Record who did what, when, on which system, every time, so your records are complete, and no unauthorized activity can take place without your knowledge.

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