Achieve FIPS Compliance

The Federal Information Processing Standards, or FIPS , is a family of rules the government must follow to keep sensitive information safe. There are four security levels, covering a broad range of situations, but the big-picture objectives are:

  • To prevent any unauthorized activity on protected systems
  • To bar unauthorized users from being able to view sensitive information
  • To keep modifications from being made without your knowledge or permission
  • To let you keep tabs on how your FIPS-compliant technology is operating
  • To show you whether it’s performing according to FIPS standards
  • To detect errors immediately, before sensitive information has been compromised

Whether you’re a government organization or a company marketing an IT product to the government, FIPS is mandatory. In the effort to become FIPS-compliant, remote access is one of the most important keys.

Sensitive Information in Remote Support

Netop Remote Control provides the tools you need to achieve FIPS-compliant remote access; in fact, we make it easy. With Netop, "FIPS mode" is the default.

Bulletproof data encryption Protect your data with key lengths up to 256 bits, and conform to FIPS-approved algorithms (AES, HMAC and SHA) for data transmission, integrity verification and key exchange.

Two-factor authentication 
Assign each user a unique ID and authenticate identity two to three times before login success, barring access from any unauthorized user.

Granular access rights 
Define security roles for hundreds to thousands of users, so every last user in your system has exactly the privileges they need – no more, no less.

Comprehensive audit trail 
Record who did what, when, on which system, every time, so nothing happens without your knowledge, and you can put out fires immediately.