Remote Control

The Netop Approach to Security

Our customers turn to Netop for secure remote access tools. We understand the challenges presented by managing diverse IT environments – our technology allows you to increase connectivity without compromising your security. With market-leading encryption, multi-factor authentication and complete logging of remote access, Netop can help you maintain compliance and implement best security practices.

Four steps to secure remote access:

1. Secure the line  With Netop, companies can manage remote access through their own servers, ensuring that corporate security policies are not compromised. Netop puts companies in complete control of their own data and security. Netop also provides additional secure connectivity options – including cloud services. All Netop remote access traffic uses market-leading, 256-bit AES encryption and dynamic key exchange using the Diffie-Hellman method, with key lengths up to 2048 bits to protect your company and your data.

2. Manage user access Target devices must impose criteria for accepting incoming invitations. Manage user access means setting the criteria for acceptance of invitations. Netop allows companies to select a variety of access criteria: MAC/IP address checks, closed user groups, callback verification and end-user approval. Netop also integrates with the authentication scheme deployed on our customers’ networks and supports multi-factor authentication through SMS tokens, soft tokens & challenge-based tokens.

3. Manage user rights Different users need different access profiles. Netop enables companies to define users’ rights and functionality to the smallest detail. Some remote control products allow organizations to manage user access rights, but not all provide centralized management. With Netop, companies can centrally manage access settings and user rights throughout their networks instead of configuring each device individually.

4. Document all activity Netop gives you the most thorough audit trails available. Whether self-hosted or Netop-hosted, Netop Remote Control gives companies extensive logging and video recording of remote control sessions. A benchmark for standards compliance, complete logging and documentation of remote access activities in your network can’t be overlooked as part of your security strategy. Netop gives you the data transparency you need to ensure compliance.

Netop Remote Control: security features
256-bit AES encryption
Centralized multi-factor authentication
Integration with Directory ServicesRADIUS, RSA SecurID and Smartcards
Granular control over all user permissions through individual or group definitions
Monitor, log and investigate with customized audit trails and session recordings
Achieve PCI, ISO & HIPAA compliance requirements for authentication & encryption; Meet government, health-care, retail and financial services security requirements
Define user controlled access for specific end users or machines
Help secure remote systems if sessions are disconnected abnormally by automatically locking or logging the remote machine
Dictate access to specific machines using MAC or IP lists
Further secure your deployment using Closed User Group license keys
Two-factor authentication using Microsoft Azure, RADIUS, RSA SecurID and Smartcards