Remote Access through Netop's Secure Tunnel

No screen? No problem!

Secure Tunnel connects your IT staff to the non-graphical and embedded systems throughout your organization, so you can support them all remotely.

Not all devices have a screen...

For machines that don’t have a keyboard, mouse or even a graphical user interface (GUI), the conventional approach to remote support doesn’t work.

Today, this is no sideline issue: embedded systems now outnumber PCs five to one, by some estimates. GUI-less devices are on the rise; so is the need to support them.

To make things more difficult, security for embedded systems is often poorly defined. For organizations whose work revolves around sensitive data (and who must comply with strict security regulations), that’s a challenge.

Netop provides the tools to maintain compliance with stringent security regulations, while supporting non-graphical and embedded systems throughout your organization – through Secure Tunnel.

Fortunately there’s Secure Tunnel.

Netop Secure Tunnel provides efficient, secure remote access to devices where traditional desktop configurations – screen, keyboard and mouse – are not available.

From fuel dispensers and servers to retail systems and embedded devices, the Tunnel excels in environments where machinery and hardware contain streamlined versions of a Linux operating system.

After establishing a secure connection with our market-leading encryption and authentication capabilities, the Tunnel allows application ports to be redirected from the machine through the Tunnel. In turn, this lets customers run local applications without having to remote-control an entire machine.

Efficient, secure remote access for all your devices – not just the user-friendly ones.